Filicudi is an incredible island for nature lovers and hikers: the landscapes are rugged and wild, with footpaths and narrow treks covering almost all the island… even the most remote areas. 

Possible excursions:



  • Hunting for prehistory, Capo Graziano.



This easy path is suitable for everybody and allows discovering the pre historical soul of the island: we start from the port walking along the main road until the Capo Graziano, we continue following a narrow paved path to reach Le Macine, an historical open-air stone factory.  Then we go uphill to the bronze-age village, hidden among dry walls, and finally we come back to the fortified beach of Filo Braccio…


Duration: 1.5 hours      Difficulty: easy- 1/5  





  • Case Ficarrisi, the green way.



This path is for sure one of the most beautiful of the Aeolian archipelago! We start from the port along a narrow and steep path above breathtaking cliffs, after passing through the “ghost” village of Zucco Grande, we will head to Ficarrisi following the path among the luxurious Mediterranean bush; suddenly an amazing view on the west of the island captures our attention... 


Duration: 6 hours      Difficulty: medium- 3/5 




  • Fossa delle Felci, the top of the island. 



We start from the port walking up the “direttissima”, an ancient path that leads to the upper part of Filicudi, once we reach Valdichiesa we will take a narrow and steep stairway to the peak of the island from where the view hugs Sicily and the rest of the Aeolian archipelago. 


Duration: 4 hours      Difficulty: medium- 3/5 





  • Walk to the west.



Easy and short hike to reach the western part of the island: we start from the picturesque village of Pecorini Mare walking along the main road in direction of Stimpagnato, from where we continue on an ancient-stone paved path to reach the view point overlooking the “mystic” west of Filicudi… 


Duration: 1.5 hours      Difficulty: easy- 1/5 






  • Walking in the past, the village of Zucco Grande



We start from the port walking along a narrow and steep paved path, than we will take the direction of the “ghost” village of Zucco Grande, where, according to geologists, there is the oldest stone of the Aeolian archipelago. After a breathtaking and relaxing pause we will start the descending, among smelling mediterranean bush, straight down to Pecorini fishermen village.   


Duration: 4 hours      Difficulty: medium- 3/5