Lipari is the biggest island, the "capital" of the archipelago, a place where the Nature has mixed different elements to produce colorful stones.

Despite the strong presence of the humans on the island, Lipari offers a lot of naturalistic paths to discover the various souls of the ancient Meligunis.


Possible excursions:



  • The road of the Caolino


Our route runs through the west coast of the island, along a path down the side of a high vertical wall; we walk in a wild and fascinating natural landscape, crossing an area formerly inhabited by the Romans to reach the "spa" of S. Calogero, where a small thermal spring comes out from the mountain. 


Duration: 4 hours        Difficulty: medium- 3/5 






  • San Salvatore, the south of Lipari



An easy walk that allows us discover little naturalistic and anthropological “worlds” : the path brings us to explore the south-west area of the island from where we have a fantastic view on Vulcano and the western cliffs,  than we reach the little church of San Bartolo Monte and run down to the centre of Lipari.


Duration: 3 hours        Difficulty: easy- 2/5