The island of VULCANO seems to sleep for over 100 years, but fumaroles, sulphur mud and small tremors suggest a continous hidden is considered a holy place since antiquity and its intense colors and smells invite us to discover corners unexpected and astonishing.


Possible excursions:




  • The Gran Crater.



An astonishing excursion to the Big Crater of Vulcano: following a well-marked sandy path we start the climb to the most “dangerous” crater of the archipelago that awaits us with an incredible lunar landscape: smoking holes, sulphur and volcanic “bombs”. Here is easy to understand why the powerful beauty of this island impressed so many writers and poets.


Duration: 3 hours                    Difficulty: easy - 2/5





  • Into the canyon.



Beautiful and unusual walk discovering a volcanic canyon: we start from the port reaching the western part of the Gran Cratere, and then we follow a rough trail untill the Palizzi valley. After a little uphill we start going down into the Rio Grande valley, characterized by narrow and irregular gorges that lead us to an overlooking point on the east coast…


Duration: 5 hours                    Difficulty: medium - 3/5






  • Gran Trek



An unusual, challenging and fascinating hike to discover Vulcano Island: after reaching the fumaroles and the Crater, we descend a steep slope to the hidden entrance of the Roja Valley, an astonishing canyon carved by the water. Then we “climb” the south side along rugged trails to reach Capo Grillo and the village of Piano…finally we go down back to the harbor.  


Duration: 7 hours                    Difficulty: Hard - 4/5