Far away and difficult to reach, wild and inhospitable… and for this simply magical! The show of the nature, primitive and attractive it is unique. Alicudi hides glimpses and unexpected sights, to find them the only way is walking along the mule tracks that link the sea and the mounts like snakes.

Possible excursions:


  • Filo dell´Arpa, stairway to heaven


Alicudi is wild and fascinating with an aggressive and welcoming nature, a continuous dichotomy that this hike allows us to discover. Not meters but stairs accompany ours vertical discovery up to Filo dell´Arpa, here nothing is flat and comfortable but the effort to reach the peak is widely rewarded by the sensation of peace and liberty…


Duration: 5 hours                Difficulty: medium - 3/5






  • Discovering the Sea and the Mount



We start from the harbor taking a rough overhanging path to reach Bazzina, a flat area by the sea; from here we “climb” in direction of Sgurbio where few houses are clinged to the rocks. We keep on walking until the San Bartolo church for a peaceful rest before coming down along the narrow stairs that let us discovery this reserved and mysterious island. 


Duration: 3.5 hours                Difficulty: medium - 3/5





  • Stories on the way



Alicudi is not the smallest but surely the wildest and enigmatic of the Aeolian archipelago, not always the little pier allows the landing and when the sea permits… an incredible journey outside time and world starts. We depart from the Piazzetta to discover dazzling houses, small churches and hidden viewpoints, disturbed only by a mule or by some magical stories of the island… 


Duration: 2 hours                Difficulty: easy - 1/5